Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Backlog updates!

Hello, my burger loving friends! I know my blog has been quiet for a long time but I have enjoyed some incredible and not so incredible burgers during this break. I'm updating all my backlog during next couple of days in random order. All the burger reviews are back-dated to original dates..

I'll update the links of updated posts to this list:

# Cheeseburger at Willowbrook Alehouse Bar & Grill, Petaluma CA
# Cheeseburger at Angry Dog, Dallas TX
# Cheeseburger at Keller's Drive-In, Dallas TX
# Double Burger at Hesburger, Vantaa, Finland
# Mama Rolls at Rolls, Klaukkala, Finland
# Giant Bacon Egg Double Burger at Rolls, Hartola, Finland
# Triple Cheeseburger at Hesburger, Helsinki, Finland
# No. 5 Special at Keller's Drive-In, Dallas TX
# Corporate America Burger #3, Irving TX
# Another Cheeseburger at Adair's Saloon, Dallas TX
# DeLuxe Burger at Memphis, Helsinki, Finland
# Chico's Burger at Chico's, Helsinki, Finland
# Double Cheeseburger at Tuen Grilli, Lappeenranta, Finland
# Cheeseburger vs. Cheeseburger with grilled onion at In-N-Out, Lakewood CA
# Steakburger at The Apple Pan, Los Angeles CA
# Cheeseburger at Angelo's Burgers, Garden Grove CA
# Double Cheeseburger at Irv's Burgers, West Hollywood CA
# Elvis Burger at Rock 'n Roll Diner, Oceano CA
# Super Juicy Cheeseburger at Juicy Burger, Gilroy CA
# Joe's Fresh Ground Beef Steak with Swiss cheese at Joe's Cable Car, San Francisco CA
# Double Texas Burger at Southern Fried Chicken, Helsinki, Finland
# Big Police Burger at Hampuris, Helsinki, Finland
# Heavy-Mega Burger at Hölmölä Burger Grill, Espoo, Finland

I hope you will enjoy these updates. This post will be deleted after all the backlog is updated.