Monday, July 16, 2007

Mama Rolls at Rolls, Klaukkala, Finland

Rolls is the smallest burger chain in Finland. It was founded in 1988 and for long time they had location in smaller towns in Finland which didn't have any other burger chains. Since that McDonalds and Hesburger has expanded heavily and so has Rolls. They are in the middle of repositioning and repositioning the whole business and Rolls is heavily expanding. In 2002 they started a Rolls Express concept which basic idea was to sell Rolls menu in Finnish gas ad service stations around Finland.

Their burgers are made from Finnish ingredients but unfortunately that doesn't mean any better burgers. Their burger are pretty much the same standard fast food burgers as any other chain offers. They also offer the standard milk shakes, chicken nuggets, fries with sausages and variations of burgers from a small cheeseburger to a giant bacon egg double burger which has more than 1500 calories (kcal). I'll have to review that monster some day.

We usually stop at this location whenever we visit the local flea market. It's a good place to stop, wash your hands after flipping through dusty vinyl albums, feed the baby and eat a quick fastfood burger.

Mama Rolls is their equivalent for Bic Mac with a triple decker bun, two meats, one slice of cheddar, special Rolls sauce and other condiments like lettuce, onion, pickle and ketchup. To tell the truth their special Rolls sauce tastes like standard tomato based mayo with some relish and seasoning - the same stuff that you can buy from local supermarket as hamburger sauce or american sauce. The bun is standard soft triple-decker with sesame seeds. Their meat comes from the freezer and is pretty tasteless and dry, the very same stuff you get from McD or Hesburger. Then you have some lettuce, pickles and that's it. Nothing special there but it kind of tastes more homemade than Bic Mac since the sauce is close to what my mother used at home.

Recommended with caution. It's not really special but a little different and smaller burger chain without million dollar marketing efforts.

Seurantie 1
01800 Nurmijärvi, Finland

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