Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cheeseburger at Willowbrook Alehouse Bar & Grill, Petaluma CA

This morning I was supposed to fly to Dallas but my flight was canned so we decided to head up to Sonoma for a little roadtrip. Our initial plan was to drive to Petaluma and do some shopping at local outlet mall plus visit Mike's at the Yard for lunch. I have been waiting a chance to visit Mike's and do a review but haven't had a chance to do that before this. Unfortunately Mike's At The Yard wasn't where it was supposed to be. I found the building but it was all dead. I don't know if Mike has closed down that location or if his website is really outdated?

Well, in a way we were lucky since we were forced to find another burger joint. We just started to drive to opposite direction that we came from and hoped to find some burger joint. After a short drive I saw a sign: Have you tasted a good burger lately? It came so quickly that I missed the parking lot and we were forced to do an unlegal u-turn like my neverlost would say it. We drove back and parked on front of Willbrook Alehouse Bar & Grill. To tell the truth that place looked a bit rough but usually that's only a good sign as my buddy Brad puts it. We had the baby with us so I went in and asked if they could serve us on location or do we need to get take away. The staff was friendly and told us that they can serve us on the back yard where they had a small patio.

I went back out to pick up my wife and baby and on a way to patio we ordered some sodas and checked the menu. For burger you had three options for a bun - plain, seed and onion - plus added cheese cost 50c, mushrooms and bacon $1. I began to think that this is starting to look really something. I ordered a basic Cheeseburger ($6.00) on onion bun with fries (add $1.00) and my wife took the same with plain bun, and baby got her food microwaved.

We headed to patio to wait our food and to feed the baby and got accompinied by a house cat. It took a while for our burgers to arrive so when the waitress brought our burgers we had already fed the baby and needed re-run for our soda cans. Burgers landed on the table and I was smiling, cheddar was nicely melted on top of the 1/2lb. patty and it was just oozing juices. All the condiments - lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickle - were on the side with a small pile of crispy fries. The bun was grilled crispy from the inside and spreaded with mayo. I added some mustard and piled my burger ready for my picture. While I was doing that my wife had already took a bite and she said that I'll love this burger.

She was right, it was pure burger pleasure. The patty was nicely grilled and full of taste. The bun was crispy, maybe a bit dry put it had a good onion taste in it. After piling everything between the buns it fit to your hand and was easy to enjoy. It just was a one juicy burger made from fresh ingredients - a perfect burger. Recommended big time and a sure bet for my top list.

Willowbrook Alehouse Bar & Grill
3600 Petaluma Blvd N
Petaluma, CA 94952, USA

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