Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Double-Double vs. Double-Double Animal Style at In-N-Out Burger, Mill Valley CA

After my two week excursion to Dallas Metroplex area I'm back in Bay area. Today we pulled to In-N-Out in Mill Valley to pick up something fast on our way to home after a long day on wheels.

I didn't feel like fries so I decided to go head-to-head with Regular and Animal Style Double-Double. I've been a big fan of animal style burgers at In-N-Out but I have to admit that in the head-to-head battle regular Double-Double beat Animal Style 6-0. Double-Double stands for two meat patties and two slices of cheese. Normal double-double comes with lettuce, tomato, onion and spread. Animal Style is one of the 'secret menu' options and it comes with fried onions, pickle, extra spread and mustard fried patties.

I've already told the basic In-N-Out story so let's dig deeper to 'Secret Menu'...

At In-N-Out you can order custom-made food. Some customizations are available at no additional cost. Those that use inventoried items such as cheese, meat, and buns cost extra. While it's not on the printed menu, there are buttons on the cash register for these items. You can pretty much order anything you want, as long as they have the ingredients. The 'secret menu' is listed on the In-N-Out corporate site, it is far from complete. Here's some details:

Custom Burgers

1. Animal style adds to the standard toppings pickles, extra spread, grilled onions, mustard fried onto each meat patty.

2. Protein style (low carb burger) replaces the hamburger bun with large leaves of lettuce. You can also combine first two options for animal protein style.

3. 3×3 and 4x4. Here number refers to a burger with a varied number of meat patties and slices of cheese. For example, the popular Double-Double would be 2×2 (a Two-by-two). As of August 2006, the largest burger that can be ordered is a 4x4. Only four slices of cheese maximum may be permitted on a single burger. Before that you were able to order generally any Meat x Cheese. A burger with 6 meat patties and 3 slices of cheese would be a 6×3 (a Six-by-three). With this freedom of choice you were able to go crazy, check 100x100.

4. One-by-Bitch (1x0 aka One-by-zero) is a One-By-One with no cheese. Naturally not all employees will appreciate the term One-by-bitch and may ask you to revise your order.

5. Double-Meat (2x0 aka Two-by-zero) is a Double-Double with no cheese. By definition a Double-Double automatically includes two slices of cheese, for two patties without the cheese, a double meat burger must be ordered.

6. The Flying Dutchman is two meat patties, two slices of cheese, no bun. Note that other condiments (including lettuce, tomato, spread, and onions) are not included unless you request them.

7. Grilled Cheese is a sandwich with two slices of cheese, no meat with spread, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions if you would like. Like most orders, this can be combined with other styles such as animal style.

8. Wish Burger or Veggie Burger is a sandwich containing only vegetables, and no meat or cheese.

9. Additional options are Chopped Chilis which adds some mild pickled peppers to the bottom of your burger. And you substitute mustard or ketcup for the spread.

Custom Fries

1. Fries Well-done are extra crispy fries.

2. Fries Lite are fries that have been cooked less than normal.

3. Animal Style Fries includes two slices of melted cheese, grilled onions, and spread as toppings.

4. Cheese Fries are fries with one or two slices of melted cheese.

5. Fries no-salt have no salt added to them.

Custom Drinks

1. Root beer float is a concoction made of half vanilla shake and half root beer soda. Be sure to specify whether you want it more creamy or soda-ey.

2. Neopolitan shake is a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavored shakes.

3. If an order contains a shake of each flavor, this is called 'Around the world'. 4. Strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla can be combined in any way, ie, just chocolate and vanilla, chocolate-strawberry, etc.

4. You can also ask for extra syrup in your shake (ie extra chocolate or strawberry) — not all employees know how to do this, but this option is available.

5. Large and extra large shakes are also available. The cup sizes for these shakes are one below soft drinks (i.e. a large shake is a medium soft drink cup, while an extra large shake is a large soft drink).

6. Milk.

Side Items

1. Spread - good with fries

2. Side of pepperoncini - container of little colored mild and sweet peppers.

That's it. Go and try 'em!

In-N-Out Burger
798 Redwood Hwy
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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