Sunday, May 20, 2007

Double Meat Cheese Burger at Chip's Old Fashioned Burgers, Dallas TX

During my two week visit to Dallas Metroplex I've got about dozen tips about different burgers. Today was my last day in here so we decided to pick one joint from my list: Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.

Chip's has two homey locations in Dallas: one on Cole Avenue and other on Lovers Lane. I typed Chip's to my always-got-lost-navigation and followed its instructions to Chip's on Cole Avenue. My friend told me that this was the hip area of Dallas where people look like they only eat organic food and live a healthy life. And in the middle of all, there's a small green house and a sign Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers.

Chip's is all about the burgers and it has got good review all over the places so my expectation was really high. Chip's also serves hot sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken strips and salads, but most folks go for the burger. Atmosphere is well suited to the food: wood floors, clean enough but not sterile, low lights, air conditioning and a patio where you can go and enjoy your meal.

Their burgers are served on a huge poppy seeded bun which has been toasted on the outside and left soft on the inside. Burgers are stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard. The result is a thick, juicy burger, cut in half so you should still be able to eat with your hands.

I ordered a double meat cheese burger with grilled onions which ended up being a big messy mistake. The burger was big and juicy but that's it. I was kind of disappointed and I didn't get that big 'what a burger' feeling while the grease was dripping from it and I believe that with two big slaps of meat the thing just got too big.

Chip's was ok, not really special but I'll definetly give it another try with less bodacious choice. The journey continues...