Friday, May 18, 2007

Special Burger at Café Brazil, Dallas TX

Last night went to a local punk rock gig and ended up having a burger in Café Brazil around 2am. Café Brazil is local Dallas restaurant chain where you can enjoy a great breakfast and specialty roasted coffees from around the world in a smoke-free environment. Their Deep Ellum location is areas premier 'deep night' dining spot.

After the bar was closed we headed to Café Brazil for 'breakfast', or salt and grease as I say it. I didn't know if they would serve burgers so I just ordered the most bodacious burger they could come up with. They serve two burgers and after reviewing the menu from their website I guess that I ended up having a mix of Brazilian Burger and BBQ Burger. Let's call it as a special burger. This burger had a slap of meat covered with jalapeno bbq sauce, bacon and american cheese with tomato, lettuce, red onion, bell peppers, mustard and mayo.

If I remember right the burger was excellent. Juicy and tasty, and I have to mention those peppers, excellent addition to a burger. During the time, place and situation it might have been the best burger I've ever had... It was served with fries which were crispy and coated with spicy seasoning. Just excellent.

I have a feeling that I need to give Café Brazil another, and a sober, try someday for objective review.