Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Country Burger at Southern Recipe, Irving TX

We had lunch in this hole-in-the-wall place in Irving. My local buddy knew the place but told that he hasn't gone there for years after her sister had a bug in her meal. It was nice to hear after making your order.

There's not much to tell about the place. The building had seen it's best days and it had propably worked as a restaurant longer than I have lived. It was just one of those local small diners where you can get decent food quickly and cheap. The place was almost empty when we arrived. Couple of things that I noticed was a sign "Non-smoking Area" and an electronic fly trap. First when you see a sign which says non-smoking area you don't expect to see anyone sitting under that sign with a cigarette in his hand. Secondly should the flies be trapped before they get in?

I was about to skip the burgers and go with Chicken Fried Chicken but their Country Burger caught my eye. Brown gravy? On a burger? What the heck? This burger had slap of meat, grilled onions and mushroom topped with some white cheese and brown gravy. The burger was ok. With that gravy it was a safe bet to mess you up so I ate it with utensils. You didn't really taste the gravy that much so it ended up being just a regular burger with gravy on it.

I also had some excellent onions rings that I renamed to Chicken Fried Onion Rings since this whole concept of chicken-fried-something is really confusing. There's no real logic for it, even thou that my buddy does his best to convince me that there is.

This is one of those places that you really can't say if you recommend it or not. If you come across it, go and have a meal but don't bother to make any extra effort to get there. Homemade food is homemade food, even with bugs on it.

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