Sunday, May 13, 2007

Triple Meat Triple Cheese Burger at Whataburger, Dallas TX

Yesterday we went shopping in Dallas North Park Center and on our way back to the hotel we ate at Whataburger. I saw their TV ad couple of days and the company values and burgers looked good, and most importantly I remember seeing Whataburger in King of The Hill animation so I really wanted to review this joint.

First Whataburger was opened in 1950, in the little town of Corpus Christi, Texas. A young man named Harmon Dobson opened his small burger stand and had a simple idea. He wanted to serve a burger so good that whenever someone tried one they'd sit back and say, "What a burger!" This bigger, better burger with 100% pure American beef, fresh ingredients and a big 5-inch toasted bun was an instant hit.

Since those days the small burger stand has grown. It's still privately owned, but it's far from small since with more than 650 restaurants serving burgers around the clock in ten states. I don't know how original Harmon Dobson burger tasted more than a half a century ago but I didn't get that "What a burger" feeling. Whataburger is one of those places where burgers look big and good on the images and the version you get on your tray is something else. Don't get me wrong, burgers are pretty tasty. It beats your average Burger King or I'm-loving-it-not places any day but there's no competition with places like Adairs, Griff's or In-N-Out.

Since I have a word "bodacious" in my blog description, I try to review the meanest burger available. At Whataburger they have Triple Meat & Triple Cheese Whataburger so I went with that. It was joined with medium fries and medium drink. The service was friendly and fast and I got my burger in front of me quickly. As you can guess triple stands for three meat slaps covered with american cheese. Stacked with tomato slices, pickles, onion, lettuce and mustard between 5-inch bun. Burger was made to order so it was hot and fresh. Mustard is made with a house recipe and it made this burger above average. In the end, the burger was just an another standard burger with some personality through tasty mustard. No big suprises on the way or the other.

Recommended with caution. I'll have to give it an another try some day.

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