Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Cheeseburger at Adair's Saloon, Dallas TX

This night was my last in Dallas and I felt like having a burger before flying back to Finland. I had two options for burger joint. I felt like going out and try some new joint like Jake's or to play it safe and go to Adair's. My problem was that I didn't have much time and I didn't have GPS navigation on my rental. In Dallas you really don't feel comfortable driving around without GPS, so Adair's it was. The drive is easy and only takes 30 min or less to one direction so decided to play safe. I really need to get that Nokia N95 with navigation to prevent his happening in the future. Oh well, what am I complaining, Adair's serves my favorite burger :)

This place seems to hold on and it never let's you down. And yes, it still is number one. Recommended!

Here's a link to my old review about the place.

Adair's Saloon
2624 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75226

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