Friday, August 10, 2007

Corporate America Burger #3, Irving TX

Yes, I did it again. I had a two day workshop in a Corporate America world and I finally had a chance to taste Corporate America Burger No. 3. This time I was back in Irving, Texas. Another company and a new burger. This place worked on trays which you picked up from the end of the line and collected your nutritious lunch. As a side note, the black plastic plate seems to be a standard for every second Corporate America cafe/diner.

Suprisingly my choice for burger was a Cheeseburger. This time you even had choices for cheese: a Swiss, a Pepperjack and an American cheese. Bacon was extra 50 cents and I decided to skip it. My burger came on a standard hamburger bun which had taken some hits but it was grilled from the inside and looked crap from the outside. The slap of meat seemed to be a freezer patty but I need to praise the mexican guy behing the grill for saving some of the juices. As condiments you had a choice of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle wedges and ketchup, mustard and mayo in little sealed bags. I have to admit that this wasn't the worst burger I've had in my life. It was an average burger but definetly the best Corporate America burger so far.