Thursday, September 20, 2007

Super Juicy Cheeseburger at Juicy Burger, Gilroy CA

There's several Juicy Burger locations around the California. What a name for burger joint! I've had my eyes on this joint for a while and I finally had a chance to give it a try. Despite all of the fat-content fears that have made 'organic' and 'low fat' the buzzwords of the last decade, people still love juicy burgers and this name is just spot on. The chain was founded by Bejan Rahmani in early 90's in San Jose. Since then he has sold all the location to different people and every single one of these location has a bit different variation of original Juicy Burger.

At Juicy Burger everything is based on fresh ingredients. A large display case in the counter holds sections filled with full leaves of lettuce, slices of tomato, red onions, pickles, hot peppers, carrots, celery stalks, relish, green olives and jalapenos. You can order up to a 1/2 lb. of grilled burger or make it a full pound as a double burger and dress it with any or all of the above fixings.

I ordered a 1/2 lb. Super Juicy Cheeseburger. After a while the lady behind the grill handed me the standard plastic red basket with my burger and the rest was up to me to decide. The slap of meat was oozing juices while I tried to decide what pile to my burger. In the end I decided to add just the standard condiments - lettuce, tomato slice and few fresh red onion rings. I squeezed in some mustard and was pretty proud how it came out and headed to the nearby table where my Diet Coke was waiting. I sat down, took my picture and waited my friend to take a bite of his burger. His reaction was just what I expected, a smile, thumbs up and he attacked the burger with another bite.

I finished my photo and took the first bite which was full of flavor and juice. The meat was coarsly grinded, really juicy, nicely grilled and had a nice taste from the flames. The bun was standard burger bun but grilled crispy from the inside. All the condiments were really fresh and extra crunchy. Just excellent, a sure top list candidate.

The place doesn't shine from the outside with a little printed Juicy Burger cloth but their burgers really stand up for a Juicy Burger. Recommended!

Juicy Burger
8401 Church St
Gilroy, CA 95020

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