Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Police Burger at Hampuris, Helsinki, Finland

Hampuris is a small grill kiosk chain in Helsinki which started to reposition their business towards burger chain about a year ago. They started to run ads on TV and also offer home delivery. Unfortunately they still are just another grill kiosk. Their pictures of burgers have fresh lettuce leaves and nice looking burgers but the reality is really something else. And I'm not talking about the standard failure to match the marketing images, this was much worst. Just compare the image above and visit their website for comparison.

The funny thing with this place is that they have named their burgers and combos with names like Big Police and XXL, but they do a really bad job on telling what's in the burger. They don't even do that on their website. When you arrive to their counter for the first time you can't know what you are ordering without asking. So, I started asking while sitting on drive through line and cars started to line up behind me. Finally I decided to order a Big Police Burger combo which basically was a large Double Cheeseburger with fries and soft drink. I got my order in a polystyrene box, and drive off to a parking lot without seeing what's in the box. I parked my car and opened the box and was a bit disappointed since my expectations were closer to their images with fresh ingredients. The burger was build as a triple-decker but they didn't use triple-decker bun. They just had one regular bun and they added a top from another bun to work as a middle piece. The buns were warm but not grilled or toasted, just fluffy warm buns. The slaps of meat were the very same frozen beef patties that I'm complaining in every other Finnish restaurant or grill kiosk which serve burgers. In other words, the beef was tasteless and dry like in any other place using the same ingredient. The burger also had a slice of cheddar, little shredded lettuce, not fresh lettuce leaves as in their pictures, a little tomato slice and some standard red bell pepper mayo. The fries were really soft, greasy and tasteless.

I really hated the place and will not visit them ever again. I suggest that you stay away from this place. Not recommended.

Lintulahdenkatu 6
00530 Helsinki, Finland

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