Thursday, March 22, 2007

Corporate America Burger #1, Irving TX

Today, I had an opportunity to taste a Corporate America burger. I had this meeting in one of the big Fortune 500 companies located in Dallas Metroplex area. There's a nice internal diner at the company headquarter and I took my chance with the corporate burger while we had lunch.

The Mexican double team behind the counter had ran out of burger buns so they needed to improvise a bit with the bun. From that one could think that corporate burgers are popular. After tasting the burger one could also make a conclusion that corporate burgers are not popular and that's why they didn't have the buns.

My corporate burger had the basic setup: one slap of beef, cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, crispy bacon, mustard and a sideorder of corporate fries. As I already pointed out between the lines, this was a disappointment, meat was dry and tasteless and something was missing big time. I have a feeling that the slap of beef was some processed piece of fossile from the back of the freezer.

Based on this experience I really can't recommend corporate burgers, but this matter definetly needs more research and tasting. I'll get back to corporate burgers in the near future...