Friday, April 20, 2007

English Burger at Babe's Cafe, Aliso Viejo CA

Our "quick" visit to Babe's Cafe could be called an unique dining experience. We decided to rush in to Babe's since it was the only option and we kind of got lost on our way to a meeting and were forced to pick something quick for lunch. When we went in and sit around the table, we already knew it was a big mistake. Place was half full of senior citizens and everything seemed to resemble slow motion film.

The only waitress, age of 50+ or something was doing her best to handle customer service in her own unique style. She approached to our table and my buddy said hello and threw in how'ya doin' with his Texas accent. This was a big mistake. She started to tell her story how today was better than yesterday when she had somekind of allergic reaction and big rash and she wasn't really feeling well. That's something you don't want to hear from waitress.

We ordered our drinks and she went away. After a while she started to serve food to other table and continued go around the cafe and clean tables etc. After a while she appeared again in her slow motion style and we got our drinks, five different sizes of water for four people!? She got our order and went away. At this point we were already checking the time and hoping for the best.

After a while our food started to appear on the counter from the kitchen side, but our waitress had disappeared. After a while she showed up again, this time with couple of coffees. It seems that if you order two it means three and so on, since she approached our table with extra cup of coffee asking if anyone would want that. Hell yeah, but where's our food, Mam? During this our food including a tuna salad and coleslaw, were sitting under the heat lamp. We declined the coffee and she finally remembered the food and went to the counter to pick it up, slowly but surely. When she served the food we told her that we were in a hurry and asked for the check right away. She came back and I gave her my credit card, took my photo and started to enjoy my burger.

After a while we were done and ready to leave and I still hadn't got my credit card back. I decided to do a move and went to the counter and asked for my credit card and receipt to sign. At this point she started to complain how difficult these cards are and most of the people pay with cash. After ten tries she got me my receipt to sign and we got out and on our way. Finally.

Well the story didn't end up here. We had our meeting and got back to the airport when Babe's hit me again. I rushed to the restroom and you don't want to know the rest. After three or four trips to restroom I got the Babe's out of my system and things calmed down.

Sooooooo, what did I ate at Babe's Cafe. I had an English Burger which was just a basic bacon cheeseburger and it had tomato, lettuce and red onions. I also ordered a coleslaw on the side. The burger wasn't bad but there is nothing special to mention about it. Just the basic burger that you can get from every other place. Coleslaw was mixed with mayo and vinegar and I didn't notice anything weird than it was a bit warm. I didn't think about the coleslaw at the time but afterwards it was pretty obvious with all the waiting mixed with the heatlamp. What can you expect with mayo and heat?

Well, one thing is for sure, I recommend you to stay away from Babe's!

Babe's Cafe
24310 Moulton Pkwy
Laguna Woods, CA 92637

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